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Jaguar Key Chain Sterling Silver

This sterling silver panther key chain is a great way to show off your jaguar spirit or for simply as a beautiful trimmed sterling silver antibody chain. The necklace is set with a 25 charm necklace ratchets and has a sterling silver panther key charm on the front.

Best Jaguar Key Chain Sterling Silver

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Cheap Jaguar Key Chain Sterling Silver

This sterling silver diamond panther oval charm key chain is perfect for wearing around the home or office. The key chain has a comfortable fit and is made out of high-quality materials. this sterling silver diamond panther twist charm key chain is a great way to show your jaguar personality or for as a unique piece as a necklace. The key bracelet offers a strong and stronglink system that keeps your key open until you need it, this makes it an insecure key chain but also makes it symbolically important for that extra bit of weight you need to keep safe. The diamond is 18k gold plate over 4. 6" long and over 2. 2" wide and has a pendant with a jaguar seen from behind. The pendant is set with a new, additional silver s925 diamond. The entire necklace is 0. 30" thick and has a weight of just 2. this sterling silver jaguar key chain is made with 3. 75" l x 32. 8" w and has an articulate wheels 3. 8" w. The key chain is also lined with sterling silver and has a carbon fiber wheel on each side. The jaguar key chain is perfect for a stylish gift or for everyday wear. this jaguar key chain has a sterling silver diamond panther oval charm on the chain. The charm is 2. 5 inches long and has a two inch single cut diamond at the center. The necklace is also 2.